Who (s) MURDERED Bill Wasz.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Who (s) MURDERED Bill Wasz.

Who (s) MURDERED Bill Wasz.

The three MOST covered-up people in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga are Rocky Bateman, myself, and Bill Wasz.

Bill Wasz was found dead in his apartment in West Los Angeles in Mid-March of 2005. At that time, I was a very frequent Poster on IAGO Smartfellows Press Home Page Iago (March) Discussion

I had also commented on Bill Wasz's website
Bill Wasz - Official Website
mario g. nitrini Pages: 1 2

On March 17th, 2005 I went to Bill Wasz's website and couldn't believe what I was reading. A person named Biker posted this:


Then I posted on IAGO this:

Bill Wasz' Website---Bill Wasz found Dead in His Apartment

If everyone reads this Wasz thread on IAGO I started in the March 2005 discussion board, you will all see that certain IAGO posters already had a "Handle" on certain aspect's of Bill Wasz's death (Murder).

One week before Bill was murdered, he sent me an E-mail on March 6th, 2005 at 12:01 AM, with the subject Title "Be Nice," and this message:

No reason to be mean or disrespctful......
You live in the valley.
I will buy you lunch in tne galleria.
We will talk.....and maybe you will ease up on me.

Bill Wasz"

Bill had misspelled the word tne, right before galleria.

I didn't find out about this E-mail Bill sent to me until six weeks later.

On IAGO in January of 2005, I went "Ballistic" on Bill when I figured out he tried to sucker me into Contacting Anthony Pellicano. This situation is documented on Bill's website. But, Bill Wasz was/is a TRUE-LIFE-HERO.

The investigation and reporting into Bill Wasz's (death) murder is beyond a joke. Here is someone who was a major player in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga, and no Major media coverage at all? What a cover-up, FOR REASON'S..................

And I haven't heard anything about the Andrew Bakalar/Olin Hyde lawsuit. Has ANYONE? And where is Elizabeth Luster "NOW" in this lawsuit $$$$$$ perhaps?(I have a copy of the lawsuit)? Here are some on Nomi Fredrick's words to me regarding Ms. Luster:

"I did send off the Luster tape to that journalist though. Let's wait and see what he thinks."
The Journalist that Nomi Fredrick is talking about is John Connolly.
Hey, Brian (Wukong) Murray can help me post another one (Perhaps 2) of my Audio tapes. The Elizabeth Luster tape I have? and/or the LAPD Captain Jeri Weinstein tapes I have? Maybe some other tapes I have? That'll work...................

In part 2 of this series, I will be talking about what I investigated and uncovered about Bill's claim's that he worked/Knew Anthony Pellicanohttp://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=16879

I thought for sure with me posting on Bill's website that someone, anyone, from The LAPD would come and talk to me about Bill Wasz's correspondence with me. BUT, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

I'll be talking about the investigation by LAPD regarding Bill Wasz's death in part 2 also..

I can tell everyone this, Anthony Pellicano, Mark Fuhrman, and Bill Pavelic had something to do with the murder of Bill Wasz. And Bill sure didn't pick his friend's well. With friend's like Joseph Bosco and Larry Longo who claimed to be Bill Wasz's friend's, WHO NEEDS ENEMIES........................

The OJ Simpson Case


Blogger Michael said...

You have nothing to do with the "OJ Simpson case and saga". You never have had anything to do with it and you never will have anything to do with it.

10:45 PM  
Blogger Tony N said...

I had a question, why is all the sites you listed for John Wasz removed?. There seem to be so many sites missing online about John Wasz as if he is slowly being erased?. How did Bill die?
was there every any investigation about his death?. Is there any way to communicate with you by email about Bill Wasz please?

2:20 AM  
Blogger Tam Tam said...

Most of those links are dunzo. Are you still around?

10:16 AM  

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