Who (s) MURDERED Bill Wasz.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


"MY" Lawsuit ( Case # BC473185 ) that I filed in downtown Los Angeles on
November 9th, 2011was Illegally, I guess for more simpler terminology sakes,
"HIJACKED" by Chris CR Legal Sr (aka Chris Rosier Tillmen Sr)
or whatever his name is, and is "NOW" being used
by Chris CR Legal Sr and others related somehow to
Occupy Los Angeles ( aka Occupy L.A. ),
from I was told and had forseen, to Illegally and Criminally Extort Money $$$$
from the City of Los Angeles,The State of California, and
The United States Government and MORE..........

Mr. Chris CR Legal Sr in court filings claims he is the Plaintiff now in
"MY" Lawsuit. That is an ALL-OUT-LIE and Perjury, and I have the
Evidence to prove it IMPOSSIBLE that
Chris CR Mr Legal Sr. can be a Plaintiff in "MY" Lawsuit.
Actually "IT" is hiding in plain sight.

Chris CR Legal Sr in court filings claims that I was "DROPPED"
from "MY" Lawsuit. How can that possibly legally be????? I "DROPPED"
Myself from my own lawsuit????????

I DON'T THINK SO............

In a June 25th, 2012 filing by Chris CR Legal Sr
regarding my lawsuit, Case # BC473185,
Mr. Legal, or whatever his name is, states this about me:

"........Plaintiff Mario Nitrini 111 feared for his safety that Chief Beck
would retaliate against Plaintiff, personally and also those with whom he
associated, because of Nitrini's knowledge and statements, as submitted
with the complaint and arising from the OJ Simpson Trial"

The only person I "associated" with when I was at Occupy LA was Chris CR Legal Sr.
UNREAL..............And I "feared for my safety"???? BLAH, BLAH, BLAH...
I THINK "NOT"........
The only other person that I talked to very briefly on a few occasions
was a guy who got me my tent if a person wants to call that ASSOCIATED with.
I would say hi to people but I did not associate with them.

Meaning of Associated: of Associate. ... Associated 2. Definition: Joined as a
companion; brought into association; accompanying; combined.

In filings, Chris CR Legal Sr uses the words Plaintiff and Plaintiffs on
MORE than one occasion. It "CAN'T BE BOTH, but he uses BOTH.
Chris CR Legal Sr in a July 3rd, 2012 filing writes:
"I am the Plaintiff......"
Me, Mario George Nitrini 111 am the Plaintiff in Case #BC473185.

I knew how sneaky and deceptive Chris CR Legal Sr just from being around him
for a short time, so I did a change of address with the Post Office,
changing the/his address that was on my lawsuit

P.O Box 94971
Pasadena, Ca

to my mothers address where I get my mail.
I got one letter with that change of address and that was from
Michael R. Amerian of The City Attorney's Office here in Los Angeles.
Please read about it here:

http://blogmyspacecommariognitrini111.blogspot.com/2012/02/in-federal court-oj-simpson-case-and.html

I would like to know if anyone else from the Government sent me any notifications
like Michael R. Amerian did. Could it be that Chris CR Legal Sr with the aid of others
also "HIJACKED" mail intended for me???

Jonathan M. Eisenberg, Deputy Attorney General for the state of California called
me twice. I would like to know if Attorney Eisenberg sent me any
Mail Communication, and if he did, I sure didn't get it.

In one of the filings regarding My Lawsuit Case # 473185
that has 271 pages, Assistant U.S. Attorney
Sekret T. Sneed signs it. Also the names
Andre Birotte Jr.---U.S. Attorney here in Los Angeles
Leon Weidman
U.S. Attorney Eric Holder are in it.
The date of the mailing, with my name on it and mailed by a lady named Joanne,
and I believe the last name is spelled Lecaspi.
was mailed on Jan. 12, 2012.

Check this one out:
Chris CR Legal Sr told me he is going to file criminal charges on
Los Angeles Assistant City Attorney Valerie Flores.
Also, Chris CR Legal Sr said that Los Angeles
Assistant City Attorney Valerie Flores paid me off to lie in a declaration
regarding Chris "CR" Legal Sr impersonating me. Please read more about
the impersonation here:


Chris CR Legal Sr said to me that he didn't impersonate me. WHAT-A-LIAR he
Chris CR Legal Sr is............. I will get into this situation in a court of law.

Chris CR Legal Sr now has MY Lawsuit in the Federal Court System;



Download PDF



I was at Occupy Los Angeles twice. Very briefly in October of 2011 and
for 5 days in November of 2011.
In the declaration I signed executed November 28th, 2011, there is one minor
correction. In preparing this declaration, I had Deputy City Attorney Juliann Anderson
going back and forth several times getting the wording and other issues correct. Trying
to keep up with Chris CR Legal Sr "Criminal Lying Deception and Illegal Sneakiness
is just about a "CAREER" in itself. The correction is a November 9th, 2011 date
that should have read November 8th, 2011 date. I had told Ms. Anderson to correct this,
but she probably forgot to correct it because there was SO MUCH LYING
by Chris CR Legal Sr and corrections, and then I didn't catch the mistake.

Now, there have been several Co-Conspirators who have conspired with Chris CR Legal Sr
regarding in some way related to me and "MY/THIS" Lawsuit Case # BC473185
in the last several months for, Bottom Line, Extortion of Money $$$$$$$ from
The City of Los Angeles, The State of California, and
The United States Government and MORE

Dennis Ettlin has signed his name in filings and is BIG-TIME Criminally Guilty
of Criminal Conspiracy and Illegally Aiding and Abetting Chris CR Legal Sr
regarding MY Lawsuit Case # BC473185.
Mr. Ettlin has delivered several proof of service.

Attorney Carol A. Sobel is Criminally Guilty
of Criminal Conspiracy and Illegally Aiding and Abetting Chris CR Legal Sr
regarding MY Lawsuit Case # BC473185. Ms. Sobel sent an email in early June, 2012 to
Gerald Chaleff ---Police Administrator Special Assistant for Constitutional Policing


and, OH MY, this email just so happens to be filed in one of
Chris CR Legal Sr's filings, the "WHOLE email is filed.
The heading in Attorney Sobel's email to Mr. Chaleff that
is positioned in the middle of the email reads:

Law Office of Carol A. Sobel
3110 Main Street Suite 210
Santa Monica, Ca 90405

This is some of of Ms. Sobel's wording in this email she sent to Gerald Chaleff
in early June, 2012.

"Over the past week, the LAPD has arrested several individuals on felony charges"
"Mackinney vs Nielsen 69 fed 1002 (9th Circuit 1995)"
"Chalk on the sidewalk."
"Asst. Chief Paysinger"
"Dep Chief Perez"
"They have a lawful right to protest outside CCBA offices."

Attorney Carol A. Sobel in filings, which just happen to be in a filing
of Chris CR Legal Sr's filings, Ms. Sobel makes a:
REQUEST FOR RELIEF ($$$$$$MONEY?????), on more than one occasion


James Lafferty is executive director of the National Lawyers Guild of Los Angeles
and He is Criminally Guilty of Criminal Conspiracy and Illegally
Aiding and Abetting Chris CR Legal Sr regarding MY Lawsuit Case # BC473185.
UNREAL in filings........


When Chris CR Legal Sr was impersonating me, according to
Los Angeles Assistant City Attorney Valerie Flores, Attorney Peter Thottam once
accompanied Chris CR Legal Sr to the L.A. City Attorney's office.
Attorney Peter Thottam KNEW I was the plaintiff in Case BC473185.
Peter Thottam is Criminally Guilty of Criminal Conspiracy and Illegally
Aiding and Abetting Chris CR Legal Sr regarding MY Lawsuit Case # BC473185


Attorney John Sisk is Criminally Guilty of Criminal Conspiracy and Illegally
Aiding and Abetting Chris CR Legal Sr regarding MY Lawsuit Case # BC473185.


I will find out who else is trying GET-RICH Piggy-Backing on my lawsuit
from Occupy L.A.

What about Occupy LA people Katherine Knox-Davies and Jesse Dotson????
Also, what about Mario Brito of Occupy L.A????



Cheryl Aichele (AKA HERBALICIOUS) of Occupy L.A?????


Campaign by Occupy L.A. for human Rights reaches out to art-walk ..
Have either Mario Brito or Cheryl Aichele in any way Aided and/or Abetted
Chris CR Legal Sr regarding MY Lawsuit Case # BC473185???

I know there are many people trying to get rich (Money $$$$$$) by riding
piggy-back on my lawsuit case # BC473185, and eventually bringing in
The OJ Simpson Case and Saga and /or
The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case
The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case
The Michael Jackson Cases and Saga
The Robert Blake Case
and maybe More........

as "EXTORTION" leverage against the
City of Los Angeles. NOT ON MY LAWSUIT THERE NOT........
According to court document's, Attorney Robert J. Henzler
name is on a filing of Chris CR Legal Sr regarding my Lawsuit
Case # 473185. Could it be that Attorney Robert J. Henzler and
Chris CR Legal Sr have Criminally Plotted to take MY Lawsuit
Case # 473185 to The United States Supreme Court???

I will be filing Citizen's arrest's on these people:
Chris CR Legal Sr -----http://dockets.justia.com/docket/circuit-courts/ca9/12-56502/
Dennis Ettlin ----He is Criminally and Illegally Guilty of
Aiding and Abetting Chris CR Legal Sr regarding
MY Lawsuit Case # BC473185>>>>>>>BIG-TIME......
Attorney Carol A. Sobel -- who has an office in Santa Monica,California
James Lafferty -----Executive director of the National Lawyers Guild of Los Angeles
Attorney Peter Thottam ----Organizer of Occupy The Rose Parade 2012
Attorney John Sisk ----http://www.occupylosangeles.org/?q=node/1662&page=16
for Illegally and Criminally conspiring and MORE…. to "USE" as "EXTORTION"
leverage against the City of Los Angeles, The State of California, and
United States Federal Government,
These Cases that I was/am personally involved with
The OJ Simpson Case and Saga and /or
The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case
The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case
The Michael Jackson Cases and Saga
The Robert Blake Case
and maybe More........

In October of 2008 I had a Biopsy done by a Dr. Felix Yip.
Please read this blog of mine about Leuprolide injections and more:


Me, at the time thinking that Dr. Felix Yip had my best interest at heart,
I let Dr. Yip inject me with Leuprolide.
The Leuprolide injections almost killed me and have made my heart weak and
very irregular, and has added more physical problems for me.
I was told by Dr. Yip I had Prostate Cancer (Gleason scale 6),
and that was in November of 2008.

Back to the Biopsy.
Sun Clinical Laboratories in Monterey Park did the testing of my Prostate Specimen's
and did a Pathology Report with the Procedure date 10/27/08,
and the Sign-out date 10/31/08 Case Number S08-11822.

WELL, in the Sun Labs Pathology report, it says:

1) Right apex

-Moderately Differentiated Adenocarcinoma representing 50% of the tissue.

2) Right mid

-Moderately Differentiated Adenocarcinoma representing 50% of the tissue.

3) Right base

-Moderately Differentiated Adenocarcinoma representing 15% of the tissue.


In the Pathology Report for the Biopsy I took on May 7th, 2012 done by
Quest Diagnostics on the request of Dr. George Yamauchi (FANTASTIC DOCTOR)
The Pathology report says concerning Malignancy,



Prostate right mid for Quest Diagnostics Pathology report, it says:



Prostate right base for Quest Diagnostics Pathology report, it says:

Small focus of prostatic adenocarcinoma, Gleason score 6 (3+3)

present in one of three prostatic cores, involving 1% of the submitted tissue

biopsy specimen. And to top this ALL OFF,

Quest Diagnostics Pathology Report shows:

NO EVIDENCE OF MALIGNANCY on the left side of my Prostate at all,

while Sun Clinical Laboratories in Monterey Park Pathology report shows:

5) left mid

-Moderately Differentiated Adenocarcinoma representing 25% of the tissue.


6) left base

-Moderately Differentiated Adenocarcinoma representing 10% of the tissue.

The Gleason grade is 3+3 =6/10

My Cancer liked me and magically DISAPPEARED???


In January of 2009, Dr. Felix Yip tried to talk me into getting my Prostate removed
through surgery, and Dr Yip claiming if I didn't the Cancer would be in other parts of my body
within 6 months and I risked death (I'm still alive). I felt something wasn't right. Dr. Yip got
REALLY bent out of shape with me and VERY annoyed with me when I
wouldn't let him "CUT" (do surgery on me) on me. I opted to look into radiation.
I was referred to a Dr. Albert Mak by Dr. Yip. Things were not right with Dr. Mak either.
MANY things are REALLY NOT RIGHT with Dr. Felix Yip and others concerning
my Cancer.

I have Very Very Bad Frequent Urination (Urinary Frequency).
My Prostrate is EXTRA LARGE.
Many times duringthe day and at night it is almost unbearable and the
urge to urinate never goes away.
Perhaps IF Dr. Felix Yip and others had my best interest in their minds,
instead of wanting to make
I wouldn't have THIS problem also.

Dr. Felix Yip "PLAYED" on the fact that my Prostate was/is extra large.............
Trying to SCARE/ILLEGALLY TRICK me into having Prostate surgery for


Dr Felix Yip tried to ILLEGALLY scare me into
having Surgery or Radiation Treatments based on me having to Urinate
so much and having that feeling of ALWAYS having to Urinate because of
my EXTRA LARGE PROSTATE. I will Legally address this Situation

These items of a VERY VESTED PERSONAL interest for me,
that for now,

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck and myself
both agreed on a truce with me and The LAPD and others.


I have kept my word. Has LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and his side
kept their word?????

The OJ Simpson Case and Saga:
OJ Simpson has ONE way out of prison, and ONLY ONE
way out of prison. He has to find his "Real Killers,"
and then "BARTER" and/or Legally File......
Bottom line for me Mario Nitrini in my personal
involvement in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga is
Rocky Bateman and Retired LAPD Detective and
OJ Simpson Case Witness -Mark Fuhrman,
with now Retired Los Angeles Police Department
RHD Detective Ronald Y. Ito and OJ Simpson Case
"INVESTIGATOR" Bill Pavelic in the main view.

The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case:
In this blog of mine:


I state:

"Either Cheryl Shuman has more lives than Scratchy, Fritz,

and Garfield the cats combined, or this cancer she "SAYS"

she has, isn'nt so Terminal after all and something is AMISS......"

Well, I can now add FELIX The CAT to Ms Shuman's Surviving

Terminal Cancer.....GOOD GRIEF....

Let me put this Cheryl Shuman "TERMINAL CANCER SITUATION"
into perfect perspective for everyone,
Please read this LYING-FILLED declaration of Cheryl Shuman's.
I can only imagine what's in it:


Gregory A. Yates, Esq. I SBN 63259. LAW OFFICES OF




Now this Lying-Filled Declaration of Cheryl Shuman's was

FILED UNDER SEAL a few weeks after Ms. Shuman served

me with a Temporary Restraining Order

and an LAPD Police Complaint,

Please read about the outcome of the TRO. Please click

this link:


and it should take you to the YouTube video, and if it doesn't work,
just go to YouTube and put this:

bur ct v1

in the YouTube search engine.

and then,
3 days after this LYING Declaration of hers, Cheryl Shuman
made a You Tube video stating that I raped her on the request
of actor Steven Seagal to Anthony Pellicano, and I was working
for Pellicano, and I Quote Ms. Cheryl Shuman:

"We're all quite aware of the charge. We have a copy of the original

rape report, the restraining order against

Seagal and Pellicano. Pellicano's own former employees have signed

affidavits that Nitrini was the man that

attacked My mom in the parking garage and then got fired by Nitrini

for not finishing the job. My mother got

her restraining order and now Paul Barresi and Bill Pavelic have other

evidence that proves that Mario Nitrini

in fact was that person and has continued to be obsessed with my mom

for years. These are facts, there are police

reports, incident reports and the original rape report"


Please read about it here on this blog of mine:


and here:


Like I said in this blog of mine:


"I have now got the information I need to prove in a court of law
that my DNA was to be illegally and Criminally planted regarding Cheryl Shuman's
LIES about me raping her in 1994 on orders from Actor Steven Seagal to
Anthony Pellicano." Paul Barresi and Bill Pavelic along with others were Criminally Involved........


Cheryl Shuman was allowed to give a civil case deposition related to

The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case because



and it sure looks like it to me that Federal Judge Dale S. Fischer
"BOUGHT" into the LIE of Cheryl Shuman being
Terminally ill with Cancer. GOOD GRIEF........

And NOW, according to this article from June 13th, 2012,
Cheryl Shuman cured her own cancer with cannabis oil:


WOW!!!!!!!!! What an INCREDIBLE Medical Breakthrough.........
I THINK NOT...................

Here is the bottom line regarding Cheryl Shuman:

Cheryl Shuman's FAKED her so-called Cancer and had help

from "OTHERS" faking her Cancer. Anita Busch and "OTHERS"

I have NO DESIRE at this time

whatsoever to be blamed for any Guilty Verdicts in

The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case being

OVERTURNED, and being Illegally retaliated against

by The Federal Government like I have been Illegally retaliated

against many times in the past, and


because of my personal involvement in

The OJ Simpson Case and Saga and more......

......by certain Personnel and Agencies from The City of Los Angeles,

The State of California, The Federal Government and MORE....

.......starting with former District Attorney in Los Angeles Gil Garcetti.

The Robert Blake Case:

Robert Blake went on CNN's Piers Morgan's Talk Show and
referenced Rotten, Bastard Cops'.....
I would pretty much think that one of those
"Rotten, Bastard Cops is my Arch-Enemy
LAPD RHD Detective Ronald Y. Ito ( AKA Det. Ron Ito )
from The OJ Simpson Case and Saga and was also the lead
Detective in the murder of Bonnie Lee Bakley. (The Robert Blake Case)

The Michael Jackson Cases and Saga:

Randy Jackson, Janet Jackson and Rebbie Jackson are
on the right course about the fraudulent will (the validity of the will).


It is very complex though. There were/are so many people still trying to get
Michael Jackson's money.

The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case:

The Los Angeles City Attorney's Office is missing "IT."
Here's a couple of hints. George and Brad Gage, and reference these 2 blogs of mine:


And Again,
These items of a VERY VESTED PERSONAL interest for me,
that for now,

This Item for now, that is VERY LEGALLY SERIOUS,
Lot's of people "KNOW" that my Civil Rights have been Criminally
Broken on MORE than one occasion.
To name a few:
Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley "KNOWS"
United States Attorney for the Central District of California
Andre Birotte Jr. "KNOWS"
Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich "KNOWS"
And a whole lot more Government Employees "KNOW"......
.........that my Civil Rights have been Criminally Broken
on MORE than one occasion.
This Item for now, that is VERY LEGALLY SERIOUS,

A Legal word from me Mario Nitrini:
If ANYONE wants to attack me,
I have "NOTHING" to lose.
I will Legally Defend myself >>>>>TO THE LEGAL MAX...........



The OJ Simpson Case
The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case
The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case
The Michael Jackson Cases and Saga
The Robert Blake Case

Thursday, February 23, 2012

In Federal Court--OJ Simpson Case and Saga--Occupy L.A.---More.......

There is now a Motion (Motion-to-dismiss) in Federal Court,
Case # CV 12-0297 DSF (FFMx),
that is to be heard on March 5th, 2012 in Dept. 840 at 1:30 pm before the Honorable Judge
Dale S.Fischer, located at 255 E. Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 that has to do
with the lawsuit that I filed, Case # BC473185, in The Superior Court of California,
County of Los Angeles. Please read more about my filing here:


My Lawsuit Case # BC473185, from what I have been told by more than one person,
had been moved to Federal Court
from State Court for a hearing by a Plaintiff in my lawsuit,


prior to this motion-to-dismiss filed by The City Attorney's office of Los Angeles County
on Febuary 6th, 2012. WTH???????? Also, The Federal Government is in this
Motion with the names of U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte, Leon W. Weidman, and
Sekret T. Sneed and Carmen Trutanich and others from the City Attorney's Office.
Now, according to court document's, there is a motion to dismiss
that was taken from the Calif. State Court
and was moved to Federal Court by The Feds. And that was filed on January 12th, 2012,
and the hearing is to be heard on April 16th 2012. Not sure what to make of this. Somethings
are just NOT RIGHT" here.
Now I know that a Defendant in a Civil Lawsuit can move a case (Civil) from State to Federal Court,


Can ANYONE go into State Court, find a lawsuit, and Move it
to Federal Court? Saying thay are the Plaintiff? What is this???? "NEW LEGAL PRECEDENT"
being established???
or better yet,>>>>"NEW ILLEGAL PRECEDENT" being established.....GOOD GRIEF.

AND, to top it all off, The Honorable Judge Dale S. Fischer was the Judge presiding over
The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case, and I am POSITIVE Judge Fischer
know's all about me because of Cheryl Shuman ( AKA Jane Doe # 8 in the Pellicano Case.)
Hmmmmmm? Quite-a Coincidence? Or maybe something else?????? Hmmmmm?
Please read more about it here:


and here:


and please read from Page 88 to page 98 here in one of Cheryl Shuman's
testimony in a Civil Case referencing Paul Barresi. Ms. Shuman's Testimony was
allowed "BEFORE" The Criminal Trial of Pellicano and his Pellicano's Co-defendant's
because she was supposed to have Terminal Cancer. Please read here:

's a txt file of Shuman's day one - Luke Ford . Net

I would think there is a conflict-of-interest here.
At this time, I am not going to get into exactly "WHY" unless there is another attack
on me by Government people.

What I don't understand is "WHY" The City of Los Angeles City Attorney's Office and
The Federal Government would move my lawsuit to Federal Court? Why not just
file a Motion-to-Dismiss in State Court? UNLESS, there is something going
on with my lawsuit connected to The OJ Simpson Case and Saga and MORE........

As I stated on a blog of mine here:


"During the day on November 28th, 2011 I had a brief chance meeting with
Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck. We both agreed on a truce with
me and The LAPD and others,"

I have kept my side of the agreement. I am not so sure about LAPD Chief Charlie Beck's
side keeping the agreement. Michael R. Amerian of The City Attorney's
Office here in Los Angeles made a Declaration in this Motion-to-Dismiss with no
mention of The OJ Simpson Case and Saga in his Declaration, although he does reference
my blog. In the Memorandum of Points and Authorities, Mr. Amerian mentions Occupy L.A.
and the protestors and the RAID Occupy LA November 30th, 2011, and much more.....

In the Declaration of Mr. Amerian, he fails to inform Judge Fischer that I have Cancer
and Mr. Amerian leaving me a voice mail message indicating in his message how sorry he is
about my Cancer. I was feeling sick the evening of Febuary 2nd 2012,
and indeed in the morning of Febuary 3rd, 2012, I had to go to St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica
to get a Catheter put in me because I couldn't pee, and this is not the first time
I have had to have a Catheter put in me because of my Prostate Cancer. I would
certainly hope that Michael R. Amerian would apologize to me. I hope he wasn't
intentionally mis-leading The Honorable Judge Dale S. Fischer about me in court papers.

The Man who was impersonating me regarding "MY" lawsuit, this
Chris "CR" Legal person ( AKA Chris Rosier Tillman Sr) Check out the comment's here:
from Cheryl Aichele ( AKA Herbalicious )


has been getting help from a man named Dennis Ettlin and and a man Robert J. Henzler
according to court document's. Also I have been told that
Attorney Peter Thottam (Occupy the Rose Parade Organizer) and Attorney
Carol A. Sobel have assisted this Cr Legal person>>>>>or whatever his name is.

Interestingly enough, in court document's this Chris CR" Legal person states he is
a Plaintiff in my lawsuit Case # BC473185. GOOD GRIEF. Then how come if
Chris "CR" Legal is Plaintiff in my lawsuit, why was he impersonating me in the TRO
and also saying he wasm "MARIO" trying to get ex-parte hearing's, this according to City Attorney Valerie Flores.
in Court Document's>>>>>>> BIZZARE>>>>>>>.........
...........AGAIN, This is in Court Document's. Somethings REALLY STINK here...................

Back to Michael R. Amerian's Declaration. This is from Mr Amerian's Declaration:

"He also referred me to read his blog entry http://nitrini.blogspot.com/, for more
information regarding C.R. Legal's and Dennis Ettlin's attempts to essentially
piggy-back on the lawsuit Mr. Nitrini had filed by filing various documents bearing the relevant
state and federal case numbers without Mr. Nitrini's consent.">>>>

>>>So what I am understanding from this statement by Mr Amerian, is that C.R. Legal and Dennis Ettlin
have filed documents in FEDERAL COURT WITHOUT MY CONSENT OR ME BEING THERE. How could this
Possibly happen and EVEN GET THROUGH THE FEDERAL COURT SYSTEM???? Hmmmmm ?????? >>>> So this confirms it >>>>
>>>>>Papers were filed on MY Lawsuit without
my consent or me even being a part of it>>>UNREAL...........

I am very UNEASY about what's going on regarding my lawsuit
Case # BC473185 Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles,
and this hearing coming
up on March 5th 2012 in Federal Court. Somethings just are not on the UP-and-UP......

And Mr. Amerian, my:
"desire to keep the case "in neutral"
is for my protection........I can get into this later if you like.
I am in the process of getting Cancer Treatment. At this time, I will still keep this in a
NEUTRAL STATE. And I will State this again:

""""""""During the day on November 28th, 2011 I had a brief chance meeting with
Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck.
We both agreed on a truce with me and The LAPD and others, based on a
Legally depending situation......
It was a positive meeting.
At this time, I am in a Neutral state (LEGALLY DEPENDING) regarding this statement I made:

"Me, Mario George Nitrini 111 being the Plaintiff,
filed a BIG-TIME lawsuit the other day, Case # BC473185, suing The City of Los Angeles,
The Los Angeles Police Department, and MORE………pertaining to My personal
involvement in The O.J. Simpson Case and Saga, the movement I am involved in—–
Occupy Los Angeles— and MORE………
In one of my statements, I state that Los Angeles Police Department:
“Chief Charlie Beck knows knows plaintiff has knowledge of Chief Becks criminal corruption
dealing with the real killers(s) of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, being members
of his police force. See exhibits C and “D” attached hereto and incorporated herein.
Additionally, plaintiff request judicial notice of The OJ Simpson Case and Saga.”
Ex-LAPD Police Department Detective Mark Fuhrman is THE KILLER
of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. In my opinion he had help
murdering these two people.
NOW, I ( Mario Nitrini ) filed several of my Legal Documents pertaining to my personal
Involvement in The O.J. Simpson Case and Saga and entered them in this Lawsuit as
Exhibits B and C with other exhibits from A to F2. Please NO ONE try and illegally
cover-up or “FORGET” to enter ALL of my lawsuit in the record.
In whatever legal form, these people will be called to give a deposition:
Cheryl Shuman – Denise Brown – Mark Fuhrman – Bill Pavelic – Gloria Allred – Diane Dimond –
Harvey Levin – Dr. Felix Yip – LAPD Captain Jeri Weinstein – Paul Barresi –Marcia Clark –
LAPD Detective Bob Parsons – Stephanie Medina – Eric Garcetti – Dana Garcetti –
LAPD Commander Michael Morairty – William Bratton ex-Police Chief of the LAPD –
Councilman Bernard Parks – LAPD Segeant Kim – Jeffrey Eglash former inspector
General of the los Angeles Police Commision
–Ronald Y. Ito ( aka Ron Ito) Retired–LAPD RHD Detective who was involved
in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga and that I gave information to
which NOW I Know would have led to OJ Simpson’s innocence.
I want to see Detective Ito LIE his way out of this one. HE CAN’T……
Kim Goldman Hahn –Tom Lange -LAPD SGT. Guiterrez—LAPD Officer J.H. Hart
Gil Garcetti.
GIL GARCETTI is a Criminal and Illegal, Corrupt, No-Good Person. He and his staff
of criminalhoodlums made several agreements with me both IN-WRITING and VERBALLY.
They broke several of them, did not honor others, and have tried to sabotage me and take
me out any way they could.

Legally Gil Garcetti and his staff (Present and Past) will honor the agreement’s
that were made with me…….....

Lisa Bloom –
Richard C. Wemmer Retired –LAPD Captain Commanding Officer West
Los Angeles Community Police Station. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck
Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley
United States Attorney Andre Birotte and Former Inspector General
for The Los Angeles Police Commission
ALL 3 of you knew I had my Civil Right’s Violated several times and
ALL 3 of you Illegally and Criminally
covered that fact up. WHY? I legally want some answers. And most likely there will be
more people called to give a depostion,
AND it could lead to Criminal Prosecution for some of these people and MORE…………
Let’s see ALL of YOU people LIE and ILLEGALLY Cover-up your way out of this one."

Just so EVERYONE knows, I have saved certain telephone messages and
Audio Tapes and have safely put away LOT'S of

Legal Documents in several places. There will be NO MORE COVER-UP involving me,
Mario George Nitrini 111 ANYMORE........"""""""""""

In the documents filed by The Federal Government, ALL of my Lawsuit papers were filed. So
Andre Birotte "KNOWS" that my Civil Rights have been violated several times due to
my personal involvement in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga, and MORE...... At this
time I will leave it in a Neutral State (LEGALLY DEPENDING).............

And, MANY People in State Government (California Government)
Know that my Civil Rights have been violated...................I will also
leave this in a Neutral State at this time (LEGALLY DEPENDING)....................
The OJ Simpson Case
The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case
The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case
The Michael Jackson Cases and Saga
The Robert Blake Case

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mr. F. LEE BAILEY---My Legal Challenge

Me, Mario George Nitrini 111, Legally Challenge OJ Simpson Case

1994-1995 Criminal Trial Attorney Mr. F. Lee Bailey to a LEGAL Debate

in reference to OJ Simpson's Regular Limousine driver Rocky Bateman

who regularly drove OJ Simpson from approximately

August of 1993 to June of 1994. I would REALLY like to see

Mr. F. Lee Bailey LIE HIS WAY OUT OF THIS ONE……Just Like OJ Simpson

Case Investigating LIAR Bill Pavelic could NOT......…

Who (s) MURDERED Bill Wasz.: The LIAR Bill Pavelic---and More........

Mr. F. Lee Bailey has posted document's claiming that he can prove

that OJ Simpson is innocent:


In Mr F. Lee Bailey's FIRST Download---Prelude & Part 1:

continue reading downloadable PDF

on page 14, Mr F. Lee Bailey states:

"10 St. John had been his regular driver for some time,…"

WELL, in a June, 1995 CNN interview, it was stated that Rocky Bateman was

OJ Simpson's Limousine driver for OVER 3 YEARS.



January 2011 Document's?????????

Mr. F. Lee Bailey????? I Legally have AUDIO TAPES…….AND

Legal paperwork that's VERY Legally telling…..

Legal Justice for me - http://nitrini.blogspot.com/


and my

My 18 Minute audio tape/Parker Center/OJ Simpson/Citizen's Arrest's, ECT


Legally Understand this ALL people including:

Mark Fuhrman ---OJ Simpson Case LIAR AND RACIST PIG

Ronald Y. Ito ( aka Ron Ito ) ---Retired LAPD RHD Detective

Charlie Beck ---The Now Los Angeles Chief of Police

Daniel Saunders ---Anthony Pellicano Case Federal Prosecutor

Steve Cooley ---Los Angeles District Attorney

Jeri Weinstein --Now LAPD Commander

Any Person or Agency in The Federal Government ( The Internal Revenue Service )

Any Person or Agency from The State of California Government


that has "ANY" connection to:

The OJ Simpson Case

The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case

The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case

The Michael Jackson Cases and Saga

The Robert Blake Case

The Mr. Bath Bear Debacle

I LEGALLY will bring the truth out in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga.

If Someone has a Legal Beef with me we can Legally

Dialect, talk it out, and Legally resolve it in a


California State and The United States Federal Government:


United States of American Civil Rights AGAIN, like was done in the past

several times.




The OJ Simpson Case

The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case

The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case

The Michael Jackson Cases and Saga

The Robert Blake Case

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am still battling Prostate Cancer and my heart is
very Irregular again. Here is what has transpired.
When I was told I had Prostate Cancer (Gleason scale 6)
back in November of 2008 by Dr. Felix Yip, Dr. Yip started me
on a Cancer medication called Casodex. I took the
Casodex for about 4 months. Dr. Yip insisted that I start
Leuprolide injections in January of 2009 and stop
taking Casodex (me, Mario Nitrini was doing fine on Casodex). Believing that Dr. Yip had my best interest in mind, I agreed. What I didn't know was that Leuprolide is bad for the Heart. For many months after my 2nd Leuprolide injection, I had a terrible shortness of breath, Irregular Heart Beat ,very bad Fatigue, and my Cardiovascular system was a mess, but…
……I am fighting my health problems and I will not give up, Though it is a struggle day-to-day to try and stay
some-what healthy.
Information about Leuprolide and the Heart is all over the internet.
Here are just a few of many article's:Leuprolide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Leuprolide acetate is marketed by Bayer AG under the brand name Viadur, ...
this prostate cancer drug is very risky especially for men with heart problems. ...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leuprolide - Cached - Simila
Prostate cancer hormone drugs risky for some men by CARLA K. JOHNSON
/ AP FeaturesRisk of death higher for prostate cancer patients with heart ...
Aug 25, 2009 ... In the study, the drugs given were leuprolide or goserelin injections ....
Health care reform (good) not health care system overhaul (bad). ...
Side Effects of Leuprolide Acetate eHow.com
Other possible cardiovascular side effects of leuprolide acetate include increase in
blood pressure and heart murmur. These side effects may pose a threat ...
http://www.ehow.com/ › ... › Conditions & TreatmentsHormone Issues - Cached
Dr. Yip KNEW I had been in Tarzana Hospital for 5 days,
at the beginning of May, 2008, due to an Irregular Heart Beat.
While in Tarzana Hospital,
I had minor heart surgery to restore my irregular heart beat to
a regular beat. Dr. Yip had paperwork regarding my Bad Heart.
I gave Dr. Felix Yip paperwork, including Dr. Eddie Lam's note to
Cardiologist Dr. Michael Yeh regarding my Bad Heart. I also gave Dr. Yip my paperwork from Tarzana Hospital regarding my heart and Urinary Retention. AND, I told Dr. Felix Yip Face-to-Face about my Heart problems.
Bottom Line:
Dr. Felix Yip KNEW I had Heart Problems and still gave me
The question is WHY?
MONEY? and/or something more Illegally sinister.....?
And to top it all off, I got another Approval from
AETNA (requested by Dr. Felix Yip) for me to have another Leuprolide injection.
And now I have a Hernia on the left side that has become painful,
and getting bigger by the week.
I want to know WHY Dr. Felix Yip gave me the Cancer Medication (Leuprolide) fully knowing it was bad for my Heart.

An agreement that was made with me was by the manager (Elizabeth) of my apartment complex (Glenwood Apartment's in Reseda). I got behind on my rent (My Bad Health) and made arrangements with her to make payment's.
I made my payment's on the agreed dates. I had made a payment on April 26, 2010, and my next agreed upon payment was to be on May 12th, 2010. On Monday May 3rd, 2010 at approximately 8:15 AM in the morning I get a banging on my door while I was sleeping. I didn't answer it since I wasn't feeling well (My Heart).
Then at approximately 9:15 Am, an hour later I get another banging on my door. It's one of the maintenance workers (Efren) telling me that Elizabeth the manager needs to talk to me right away. So I get dressed and go down to the office,
and she tells me that the Regional Supervisor Joe Pinson from the Company that manages Glenwood Apartment's, Century Quality Management Inc, at 4221 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 200 Los Angeles, California, 90010,
needs to get a payment from me to close the books.
WHAT-A-LIE…..If I don't pay him that day he will start an eviction notice on me. I gave Elizabeth $400.00 dollars cash that same day. The Cash Payment was approved by Joe Pinson, and , I have made other cash rent payments.
There's A LOT MORE TO THIS ILLEGAL EXTORTION Attempt on me. I have the payment plan that I agreed upon in writing plus my receipt's. I am VERY VERY good at documenting----
VERY GOOD............
So once again an agreement is made with me and I am
Well, here's what is going on with this situation. When I moved in the Glenwood Apartment's back in April of 2000, I had to give a $900.00 dollar deposit plus my
rent ($1500.00 Total). Of course interest builds up and the way I understand it and I am entitled to Interest
on my deposit. The owners name is Sam Menlo.
Sam Menlo and Joe Pinson KNEW I had cancer and a
Bad Heart. They didn't care, they both just wanted
to Illegally steal my money, and LEET ME DIE.
Menlo does own more apartment complexes. Glenwood Apartment's has over 200 units. I would pretty much assume that this CRIMINAL-BACKSTABBING-CONNIVING-CROOK owner Sam Menlo has not paid interest on anyone's deposit Including paying The Internal Revenue Service and The California Franchise Tax Board (Taxes on Interest). Also, I wonder how much of a person's deposit when they move out has Sam Menlo refunded. My guess
is not much. Payroll Taxes??? I would also think NOT.
I even stated that my Deposit could be used as a back-up for my rent. They said NO>>>>>>>They wanted to Illegally steal it…..
SO, More income without any reporting to the Government? LOT's…$$$$$….
In my unit the water is a mess. I don't control the water, the water control's me. The ownership (Menlo) knows this, BUT, here is their problem. To fix the water correctly, ALL the plumbing has to be re-done $$$$$$$$$. So instead of doing plumbing repairs (It's been Mickey Moused several times---Not effective at all),
I have suffered for years with this water problem. Menlo DIDN'T CARE. There have been water leaks all over this apartment complex. I can't get rid of the Cockroach problem. The Cockroaches are in a lot of people's apartment's here. Something is wrong with the electricity wiring (It's a TRAGEDY ready to happen) here at the Glenwood Apartment Complex also. So yesterday
I go in to make a rent payment with cash and Joe Pinson is in the office and says it's company policy not to accept cash. WHAT A LIAR JOE PINSON IS and, he becomes ARROGANT with me And he tells Elizabeth the manager to give me a 3 day
notice to "Pay Rent of QUIT." And this is after I made ANOTHER Payment agreement.
ALSO, Sam Menlo and Joe Pinson and ANYONE else???? I don't do drugs anymore and I haven't for a long time, SO, DO NOT ILLEGALLY "PLANT" drugs in my apartment and say they are mine. ALSO, do not ILLEGALLY "PLANT" Guns or Rifles and say they are mine. I haven't owned a gun or a rifle for a LONG, LONG Time.
Someone(s) was breaking into my apartment and stealing from me. I had to get a Padlock to stop that.
There is A LOT MORE to this Situation, A LOT MORE…..
I really want to know WHY Sam Menlo and Joe Pinson tried give me a Heart Attack and "more," so ULTIMEATLY I would die.

Since November of 2008, People and Agencies in The Federal Government have left me alone.
I left The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case alone after this blog of mine;
anthony pellicano-oj simpson and more.......
Let's both leave EVERYTHING "AS IS."
NO ONE can make me DO ANYTHING or give up any of my paperwork and/or my audio tapes, or ANYTHING.

The Los Angeles Police Department have left me alone since January of 2009. Let's both leave EVERYTHING "AS IS."

The Los Angeles District Attorney's office have left me alone for A LONG TIME (DA Steve Cooley). Let's both leave EVERYTHING
"AS IS."

For the Record, My Home computer crashed on
September 26th, 2007. Here's the body of the Email Earthlink sent to me:

From: Earthlink Customer Service
To: http://us.mc1202.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=mgn3d@earthlink.net
Subject: Confirmation Email
Date: Sep 26, 2007 6:45 AM

Dear Valued Customer,

This is to inform you that as your computer is crashed you can only use your phone
svc and the email from Earthlink.

Customer Service

And check out ALL of the Comment's (Especially the first few)
on the blog I made about Paul Barresi:

Now, check this out. Does someone at The Los Angeles Times know something I don't know?
After 15 years of having the article written by
Bill Boyarsky on me concerning some of The OJ Simpson Case, and in their archives,
The Los Angeles Times puts my article on The Internet:
Find Mario and You've Got a Story - Los Angeles Times
I found it a few days after I did this blog regarding Bill Pavelic:
Who (s) MURDERED Bill Wasz.: The LIAR Bill Pavelic---and More…….

The OJ Simpson Case
The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case
The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case
The Michael Jackson Cases and Saga
The Robert Blake Case

PS, Whoever is threatening me on the telephone?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The LIAR Bill Pavelic---and More........

The Witness Stand!!!!!!!!!

I have been asked about former OJ Simpson Case Investigator
Bill Pavelic's lies concerning me. Here's just a few of MANY.......

Bill Pavelic left several comment's on Jasper Garrison's Website
Smartfellow's Press.com. In this comment by Mr. Pavelic:

he says this:

"You cited Larry Longo. Mr. Nitrini claimed Larry was his friend."

Larry Longo was a former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney.

What a LIAR Bill Pavelic is.
I am NOT friend's with Larry Longo now,
I have NEVER been a friend of Larry Longo's in the past,
and I will NEVER be a friend with Larry Longo in the future.

Why did Bill Pavelic LIE about this? Hmmmm?.
It's the EXACT OPPOSITE. Everyone, Google my name and
Larry Longo's name and read it for yourselves. GESH.

Mr Pavelic says this in this comment:

"I can tell you with total certainty that I never dealt with Mario Nitrini
in the OJ Simpson or any other case that he claimed he was on"
OH Really???? Good Grief.

And Pavelic says this:

"You will recall that Mr. Nitrini claimed or suggested that Mark Fuhrman,
Anthony Pellicano
and I were (jointly) involved in the murder of Bill Wasz."
Please read this comment again:

I NEVER said that Pellicano, Furhman and Pavelic were
"JOINTLY" (working together)
involved with the murder of Bill Wasz. NEVER.
Another Bill Pavelic Lie.

Bill Pavelic lied about talking to me with this:

"If called to testify, I will state that a person by the name of Mario G. Nitrini
was never on any of the high profile cases, that I was involved with....and....
that I never spoke to or received information whatsoever from a Mr. Nitrini..."

when my friend Brian "Wukong" Murray GOT him to Lie on The
Court TV Message Boards. Mysteriously Enough (Not Really),
the thread that had Brian and Pavelic conversing on,
Ahhhhhh, but not to worry, I got it saved. And Bill Pavelic's Private
message's to Brian? POOF, GONE. Ahhhhhh but there saved also.

Bill Pavelic went Head-to-Head with my friend Sweet Pea (Vicki)
What a Mis-Match.

Some of his claims about me here are Beyond me.
What a CRIMINAL LIAR Bill Pavelic is. Check it out:

I Am on the record that Mark Furhman killed Nicole Simpson and
Ron Goldman? I DON'T THINK SO.

I lied about being on The OJ Simpson Case? Not Quite.

I thought for many years that I was the wild card in The OJ Simpson Case
and Saga. I'm not.. Rocky Bateman is the wild card in The Simpson
Case and Saga.

And here is Bill Pavelic trying to scare me in the comment section
of my friend David N. Scott's website Pererro, where also my
friend LYT (aka Luke Y. Thompson) Blog's:

and check out the last comment

WOW, I'm just too afraid of Bill Pavelic.

I am battling Prostate Cancer, but I am still here, and
I am not dead yet. More about my Prostate Cancer here:
Patterico-Anthony Pellicano-Bill Pavelic-Paul Barresi-More (view more)

There are MANY more lies Bill Pavelic has told.

Report's are that Pavelic says that
The Los Angeles District Attorney's office and
The LAPD RHD has retaliated against him due to
Pavelic's involvement in The OJ Simpson Case
in regard's to The Phil Spector Case.


Phil Spector killed Lana Clarkson. Here's the bottom line:
Phil Spector had a deviant sexual personna about him.
But this time, he had one too many drinks in him and this
time PULLED-THE-TRIGGER. Lana Clarkson wouldn't
go for Spector's sexual request's and paid the
ultimate price.

Two Bottom line's in The OJ Simpson Case Criminal Trial:

1: The LADA and The LAPD got into a dirty war with
Simpson's side, but, OJ Simpson's side started it.
Someday I will tell everyone some incredible
stories about how OJ Simpson's side chased me away,
OVER and OVER and OVER.................AGAIN.

2: OJ Simpson killed Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson,
with help, and my ex-in-law Rocky Bateman got
rid of that Misssing Bag and other stuff for
OJ Simpson.

More on Bill Pavelic near the end of this blog. Wait til
you read........

A Civil Case (case # 08e04632) was brought against me.
I have not felt well
(Lot's of Fatigue and more from the Leuprolide (Lupron) Injection's.)
enough for the past few months to do and file the proper paperwork.
I am sure that Capitol One Bank and
it's Attorney Raymond Patenaude, and myself, can come
to a Viable Working Legal Solution.
Shouldn't be a problem.

Those of you who are still threatening me, remember,
I have Cancer and I have noting to lose by legally
defending myself. And those Telephone Calls? Good Grief.

At this time I will leave The Michael Jackson Case and Saga

OK, Bill Pavelic has said that he never talked to me about
The OJ Simpson Case.
Well, He did, On the Telephone.
The Witness Stand
will be legally GOOD for certain parties...........
................when Bill Pavelic
is testifying.

Question: Now, did anyone ever wonder how
Duane "Dog" POOPY-FACE- Chapman was always a
few steps ahead of The Feds in the search for
Andrew Luster when Luster was a fugitive?
Answer: Bill Pavelic.


Question: Who put the dirty-bug in Andrew Luster's
ear to FLY-THE-COOP (go to Mexico) in the middle
of his Criminal Trial in Ventura County?

Answer: Bill Pavelic

I am a Friend of Larry Longo's?
NO WAY. Good Grief. WHEW. NEVER..........WAS...
Not NOW......AND NEVER WILL BE......

Oh, and google Larry Longo's name with Suge Knight's name
and see what you get.

The OJ Simpson Case
The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case
The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case
The Michael Jackson Cases and Saga
The Robert Blake Case