Who (s) MURDERED Bill Wasz.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rachel Uranga's article---LAPD, and MORE.......

LAPD and complaint's? Gee, who forgot? to "HIT" the record button? GOOD GRIEF. Check this article out by Los Angeles Daily News writer Rachel Uranga:

5-month gap in record of LAPD complaints

Well, on some of My Legal Documents from The OJ Simpson Case, I list Bill Wasz, written out William Wasz on Page 2, as a witness. Does ANYONE really think that ANYONE from The LAPD went to interview Bill, while Bill was in prison, about my legal filings? There is A LOT about Bill Wasz that I know, and some information that I have confirmed just recently, that I have not made public yet. Stay Tuned for that..............

Oh, And speaking of legal filings, specifically the one that:

Captain Michael P. Moriarty
Commanding Officer
Professional Standards Bureau
Administrative Investigation Division
213 473 4340

generoursly???? made for me, I haven't heard a "WORD," "NOT-A-PEEP," from either LAPD Sgt's Kim or Heard, or Captain Moriarty since Sgt's Kim and Heard interviewed me at the end of December, 2006:

The OJ Simpson Case-Anthony Pellicano Case-LAPD Interviewed me ...

The OJ SImpson Case-Anthony Pellicano Case-Biggie Smalls Case ...

mostly regarding LAPD Captain Jeri Weinstein and Pellicano Co-defendant Ex-LAPD Sgt. Mark Arneson pertaining to a certain situation in The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case.

Well, let me tell EVERYONE THIS:

One of the bottom lines in this interview, was that Sgt's Kim and Heard wanted me to give them some "VITAL" information......................I said with words to the effect, you want this Information? "SUBPEONA ME." Well, I have yet to receive a subpeona..

And FOR SURE, Pellicano Case Prosecutor Daniel Saunders is in contact with LAPD Sgt's Kim and Heard, and LAPD Captain Moriarty concerning me................. FOR SURE.........................


The OJ Simpson Case


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