Who (s) MURDERED Bill Wasz.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Anthony Pellicano--Bill Wasz--Joseph Bosco--MORE.....

Bill Wasz, in 1994, made an INCREDIBLY HUGE MISTAKE when he pleaded out (plead Guilty to certain things). There is NO WAY in the world that the Orange County D.A., or for that matter, ANY D.A. in The United States, would have brought Bill Wasz to trial with Wasz's OJ Simpson Case involvement, NO WAY. Hindsight is easy, but I have learned.......................(The BOGUS Warrant for Bill Wasz's arrest in 2005, and MORE.........................)

Bill Wasz said this about Anthony Pellicano:

"No, I am not happy for what he said about me in 94. But.... I forgive him.... I probably would have done the same thing."

Joseph Bosco says on IAGO this:

A Brief Report on Bill's Death

"he definitely died under suspicious circumstances"

Mr. Bosco here: Why Not More Details says:

"All of you must know that if Bill was murdered, I and a few others will devote all of our time and efforts to see his killer or killers brought to justice."
WELL, It HASN'T quite happened like that. Sounds about right.

Bill Wasz say's this on

The Peking Duck: Did OJ Simpson kill Nicole Brown Simpson?

"Here's a bit of news that is extremely confidential....Bill Pavelic, an attorney, and two "mercenaries" are under secret Federal Grand Jury hearings, potentially to be indicted.... very soon.Anyone care to know why???
Bill Wasz
Posted by: Bill Wasz at October 21, 2004 10:38 AM"

and then this on The Peking Duck 2 comment's below:


Pavelic, an attorney and two "mercenaries" were the ones responsible for Andrew Luster fleeing the country. The "Max Factor" kid. They, the Feds, have wire transfer record, and many other intriguing items. Pavelic must face the wrath that I faced when I wronged society.I know all this because I'm very much involved in the "Max Factor" case. So much so that it troubles me at times.Don't fret, Pavelic will be eating that crap I ate for many years, real soon.Sic Semper Tyrannis.Bill Wasz
Posted by: Bill Wasz at October 21, 2004 09:39 PM"

Pavelic, is Bill Pavelic, one of MANY people who covered-up Bill Wasz in The OJ Simpson Case.

Now here is Joseph Bosco talking to me on his LongBow papers website:

The LongBow Papers

about Bill Pavelic.

"Three: I am working and living under a very serious threat from a truly major player in the case that came to me directly due to some of the comments you planted helter skelter across the Internet. You know him well. He does not frighten me and I am enjoying dealing with his threat and actual attempts to harm at least my livelihood if not my life since I am so very far away. He is a weak and insecure bully who I will bring down much more quickly than he threatens to do to me. I will not help his cause by naming him here. But, since he is most certainly an enemy of yours, I will share the information with you privately if you so choose."

And here are Joseph Bosco's words to me about Bill Pavelic:

"Dear Mario,

I have no idea how you knew that and it troubles me greatly. But, remember, sometimes it is better to make peace than war, particularly when the reasons for fighting were personal and trivial. He offered a hand in peace and friendship when he chose to investigate me more closely and ended up respecting me, my background and my work. The offer of peace was on his initiative, not mine. I chose to accept it."

Joseph Bosco says "I have no idea.........."? It could have ONLY been ONE person, and that's Bill Pavelic. Joseph Bosco is BEYOND-AN-IDIOT.................................

Everyone please read this article on:

WorldNetDaily: Interview with a hitman

I will be discussing it on another blog, including Anthony Pellicano saying he did not know Bill Wasz.

I will also be discussing more about Bill Pavelic and Joseph Bosco, and I will show EVERYONE:



The OJ Simpson Case


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