Who (s) MURDERED Bill Wasz.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Joseph Bosco--Anthony Pellicano--Bill Wasz

On the Prevailing Winds magazine on Page 89 of this article:

The Bad Lieutenant

while Bill Wasz was in a state prison here in California, Joseph Bosco say's this in his article for the world to read:

"Det Luper also confirms that he had learned Wasz had been a successful "cooperating witness" with law enforcement in Nevada and California on several occasions over the years. An investigator with the D.A.'s office in Las Vegas, who had Wasz wear a wire to bust an insurance fraud................"

Good Grief, Joseph Bosco with his "BLABBING MOUTH" had put Bill Wasz in very grave danger, labeling Bill as a RAT SNITCH while Bill was in a California State Prison. GOOD GRIEF.

On IAGO, Smartfellows Press Home Page, Bill Wasz Posted this:

Joey Ippolito, Bill Wasz, Mark Furhman

Also in this article The Bad Lieutenant on page 88, Mr. Bosco says Pavelic, (that being Bill Pavelic, Mr. Bosco's "NEW" friend) had buried the matter so effectively, that Mckenna (that being OJ Simpson Case investigator Patrick Mckenna, one of Joseph Bosco's DRINKING buddies The LongBow Papers "Bosco Spills the Beans on O.J. Simpson Case") had to rummage through some 50 boxes of defense files before he found it and provided copies.

David Bresnahan says here:


"I met a man that I believe was him (Pellicano) at the Holiday Inn in Falls Church, Virginia in 1988. It was during a discussion pertaining to guns for cocaine coming from Panama City, Panama............................"

And here in this same Bresnhan article:

"Although Pellicano was to be called before the grand jury to testify, he was dismissed before he was called and told he would not be needed.

Wasz says that Pellicano also has denied knowing him, and that he knows nothing of his claims that he was hired to kill Nicole.

"He amassed an extremely large dossier on me for use at any time," Wasz explained. "Not only did he build it, but he sold a copy of it to a writer named Steven Worth, an alias for software millionaire Charles Cass. He sold a copy of this file to Cass in January 1997. The payment for this copy of the file was sifted through F. Lee Bailey in Florida."

Cass sent a number of letters to Wasz in prison and told him the file substantiated the claims made by Wasz."

But yet on IAGO, again this Website Smartfellows Press Home Page,

Joseph Bosco says this Re: Is There Still no Mainstream Media Coverage on Bill Wasz'...:

"Anthony Pellicano is a bottom-feeding piece of human garbage with whom I exchanged words once, very briefly, and uneventfully—it was at Mark Fuhrman’s first big “I am the victim here” press conference in the early fall of 1994. Fortunately, I have never had to deal with the man in any fashion since then. I do not remember Bill and I ever talking about Pellicano." I have no idea why Bill would ask you to contact Pellicano. I can hazard a guess: Bill being Bill playing mind games. Tell me, did he interject Pellicano into the conversation, or did you?

Bill Wasz "FIRST" brought Anthony Pellicano up to me here on his (Bill's) website:

mario g. nitrini Pages: 1 2

Mr. Bosco says that:

"I do not remember Bill and I ever talking about Pellicano."

Who really believe's that? I SURE DON'T......................

Down the line, I will be examining the, according to Joseph Bosco, now strained relationship Mr. Bosco had/has with Larry Longo (Elizabeth Luster's Attorney) The LongBow Papers "Bosco Blues In June:"

"Four: If you think that Larry Longo did anything improper in actuality in the Suge Knight case, you and Chuck Phillips of the L.A. Times should get together and cry into your beer. Larry, who actually has no fondness for me any longer--which breaks my heart, but I understand why--is as clean as freshly driven snow in that matter. Larry Longo is still, to me, one of the most honorable men I have known in my life. I love him as I would a brother. Nothing can change that."

and his (Bosco's) relationship to Los Angeles County Prosecutor Bill Hodgman, and more................

The OJ Simpson Case


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