Who (s) MURDERED Bill Wasz.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Curtis Hazell--Bill Wasz--Kevin Roderick--More.......

Well, Well, Well, I read L.A. Observed everyday. When I read it this morning, I was "STUNNED" with this Blog by Kevin Roderick:

DA who slept with a witness

Please do a Yahoo and/or a Google search engine search with Curtis Hazell and
see what is on Page one of each:

Longo Proffer

WorldNetDaily: Still no interview for O.J. witness

WorldNetDaily: 'Hitman': I was hired to kill O.J.'s Nicole

And on Dick Wagner's website The OJ Simpson Murder Case


Part 1

Some of them have to do with Curtis Hazell, Larry Longo and BILL WASZ.

So Larry Longo "JUST HAPPENED" to send Curtis Hazell the Longo Proffer
on behalf of Bill Wasz? I sense Anthony Pellicano.

And Joseph Bosco "JUST HAPPENED" to recommend Larry Longo, to Bill Wasz? This "STINKS" Big-time...................

Bill Wasz NEVER had a chance...........................Curtis Hazell wasn't the least bit interested in Bill Wasz and Bill's involvement in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga. Curtis Hazell was TOO BUSY "Banging" on stripper and murder witness Donna Novarro, AND, and from what I can "READ" into NOW, A LOT MORE....................I sense Anthony Pellicano.

Insert Mark Fuhrman, Bill Pavelic, Bill Hodgman, Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley, Suge Knight, and a few others, and again I sense Anthony Pellicano.

Kevin Roderick has that "Contagious" fever of "Make sure we cover-up Mario Nitrini at all costs,"

BUT, I give credit where credit is due, Kevin Roderick had a LOT of Gut's and
Integrity to run this DA who slept with a witness Article.

I came into some remarkable information about Kat Pellicano, Anthony Pellicano, and another person about those encrypted Pellicano tapes The Feds just can't seem to get into. A flick of a wrist, so to speak, Daniel Saunders. I will be blogging about this situation on the Pererro website in the very near future. I just have a few more "Items" to confirm.

How I seem to come upon certain informaton even amazes me. And if ANYONE doesn't think I had a MAJOR role in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga,

YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKEN................................


The OJ Simpson Case

PS----I would really like to see if Patrick Frey (AKA Patterico) blogs about this Curtis Hazell Situation. Would He? Will He?


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