Who (s) MURDERED Bill Wasz.

Monday, July 30, 2007

What a Difference a Blog Makes

Joseph Bosco blog's about Bill Wasz:


WELL, I'll say this, when I posted on

Smartfellows Press, Inc.

with these post's:

Re: Bill Wasz' Notebook---HIGH POINTS
Re: Bill Wasz' Notebook---HIGH POINTS
Re: Bill Wasz' Notebook---HIGH POINTS
Re: Bill Wasz' Notebook---HIGH POINTS

I questioned the authenticity of Bill Wasz's

Notebook 1 2 3 4 5 6

because of his "Perfect Puntuation."
No one that I know has "Perfect
Puntuation" while doing

Now this sentence by Joseph Bosco
puzzle's me:

The shocking difference is that this lawyer now
tells me that he sat with Bill in a lawyer-client
visiting area in Orange County lock-up and watched
him create what we have long called Nicole's "schedule"
on a couple of days in early December 1993, which
he had found in the car when he stole it."

I thought it was in early January 1994, according
to Bosco, that Bill Wasz followed Nicole Simpson?
Who Knows?

Alex Constantine on this blog of mine:

Pererro: Alex Constantine--Rocky Bateman-
-OJ Simpson---More.Continued

in the comment section says this:

"Bill Wasz smoked crack. If you've ever had a
conversation with a crack addict, you know they
can be problematic in the truth department - BUT
I do give credence to much of his testimony - at the
same time, he smoked crack."

I'm Not sure what to believe anymore about what
Bill Wasz says/said.

Did Bill Wasz want to come clean when he E-mailed me:

photos (1st scan),

1 week before he was murdered?

Or try and play me for a fool? (He wouldn't have been
able to).


It is STILL my STRONG feeling, based on information
that I have, that Bill Pavelic, Anthony Pellicano,
and Mark Fuhrman had something to do with the
murder of Bill Wasz.

Mark Fuhrman was tracking me

Mark Fuhrman-Carolyn Fuhrman-Lady Lisa
(AKA Elmer/Sunnytwoyou ...

Bill Pavelic (UHG) and More..............Part...

And he had a chance to really clear his name
if he would have publicly spoken about Rocky Bateman.
Well, HE DIDN'T.

And again, I say this about Andrew Coffey:

"This will be the "FIRST" time that OJ Simpson is
asked about Rocky Bateman in a public setting. And it


OJ Simpson Interview LIVE Send in your Videos"

The OJ Simpson Case


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Blogger Trixie Belden said...

I have read your blogs for years. I am hoping your health is improving & hope you will write more.

12:40 AM  

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