Who (s) MURDERED Bill Wasz.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mark Fuhrman--Bob Fusco--Joseph Bosco--HUGE HAPPENING'S

It takes a lot for something to really actually stun
me, but the other day when I clicked on Bob Fusco's
Mark Fuhrman
YouTube video and saw that it said this:
" This video has been removed by the user."
and the same thing with this video of his:
Re: OJ Verdict
and then I clicked his YouTube name:
and read this:
"This account is closed."

Bob Fusco corresponded with me. He is a nice man,
No-nonsense, NO B.S.
I documented the comment's on both his YouTube
video's that he and I left. Bob said 2 thing's in his
comment's that really were something. Here they are:

"I have a phone conversation with Fuhrman ,
RE: where he was on the night of the murders
and once again, he will eat his words real soon!"

And this:

"Did you know that Joe Bosco is back peddaling away
from the Wasz story?. I think he is getting threats from
people who were involved with the murders. I will e mail
him and find out what the heck is going on."


I have an open mind when it comes to certain situation's
in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga:
Pererro: MORE about The OJ Simpson Case
O.J. Simpson Case Connected To Feds
Cold Cases in Tinseltown
Smartfellows Press Home Page
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Anthony Pellicano Web Links Blog

NOW, everyone want to read something MORE, well,
INCREDIBLE? Check it out, Bob Fusco saying he
talked with Joseph Bosco regarding Bill Wasz,
Robert Kardashian, and Mark Fuhrman:
Comments on: “If I Did It” - Which I didn’t, but I did…..

I have run MANY scenario's in my mind
about the murder's if Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.
But NOBODY, even myself, has a rebuttal for
and his "PARTICIPATION" in The OJ Simpson Case
and Saga. Nobody.................


Why? did Bob Fusco remove his YouTube OJ Simpson
Video's SO ABRUPTLY only few hours after I posted
this Blog?

Marcia Clark refers to me in The OJ Simpson Case--
Steven Seagal

With the comment's he and I had on YouTube, and my
E-mail Correspondence with him,

Someone, Something, and /or Someone's and/or
Something's DEFINITELY had something
to do with it........................????????
THIS IS UNREAL.................and SPOOKY...................

The OJ Simpson Case


Blogger viru said...

Partial transcript and commentary of Christopher Darden's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show discussing the OJ Simpson murder case
bill pavelic also play a important roll in his case

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