Who (s) MURDERED Bill Wasz.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am still battling Prostate Cancer and my heart is
very Irregular again. Here is what has transpired.
When I was told I had Prostate Cancer (Gleason scale 6)
back in November of 2008 by Dr. Felix Yip, Dr. Yip started me
on a Cancer medication called Casodex. I took the
Casodex for about 4 months. Dr. Yip insisted that I start
Leuprolide injections in January of 2009 and stop
taking Casodex (me, Mario Nitrini was doing fine on Casodex). Believing that Dr. Yip had my best interest in mind, I agreed. What I didn't know was that Leuprolide is bad for the Heart. For many months after my 2nd Leuprolide injection, I had a terrible shortness of breath, Irregular Heart Beat ,very bad Fatigue, and my Cardiovascular system was a mess, but…
……I am fighting my health problems and I will not give up, Though it is a struggle day-to-day to try and stay
some-what healthy.
Information about Leuprolide and the Heart is all over the internet.
Here are just a few of many article's:Leuprolide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Leuprolide acetate is marketed by Bayer AG under the brand name Viadur, ...
this prostate cancer drug is very risky especially for men with heart problems. ...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leuprolide - Cached - Simila
Prostate cancer hormone drugs risky for some men by CARLA K. JOHNSON
/ AP FeaturesRisk of death higher for prostate cancer patients with heart ...
Aug 25, 2009 ... In the study, the drugs given were leuprolide or goserelin injections ....
Health care reform (good) not health care system overhaul (bad). ...
Side Effects of Leuprolide Acetate eHow.com
Other possible cardiovascular side effects of leuprolide acetate include increase in
blood pressure and heart murmur. These side effects may pose a threat ...
http://www.ehow.com/ › ... › Conditions & TreatmentsHormone Issues - Cached
Dr. Yip KNEW I had been in Tarzana Hospital for 5 days,
at the beginning of May, 2008, due to an Irregular Heart Beat.
While in Tarzana Hospital,
I had minor heart surgery to restore my irregular heart beat to
a regular beat. Dr. Yip had paperwork regarding my Bad Heart.
I gave Dr. Felix Yip paperwork, including Dr. Eddie Lam's note to
Cardiologist Dr. Michael Yeh regarding my Bad Heart. I also gave Dr. Yip my paperwork from Tarzana Hospital regarding my heart and Urinary Retention. AND, I told Dr. Felix Yip Face-to-Face about my Heart problems.
Bottom Line:
Dr. Felix Yip KNEW I had Heart Problems and still gave me
The question is WHY?
MONEY? and/or something more Illegally sinister.....?
And to top it all off, I got another Approval from
AETNA (requested by Dr. Felix Yip) for me to have another Leuprolide injection.
And now I have a Hernia on the left side that has become painful,
and getting bigger by the week.
I want to know WHY Dr. Felix Yip gave me the Cancer Medication (Leuprolide) fully knowing it was bad for my Heart.

An agreement that was made with me was by the manager (Elizabeth) of my apartment complex (Glenwood Apartment's in Reseda). I got behind on my rent (My Bad Health) and made arrangements with her to make payment's.
I made my payment's on the agreed dates. I had made a payment on April 26, 2010, and my next agreed upon payment was to be on May 12th, 2010. On Monday May 3rd, 2010 at approximately 8:15 AM in the morning I get a banging on my door while I was sleeping. I didn't answer it since I wasn't feeling well (My Heart).
Then at approximately 9:15 Am, an hour later I get another banging on my door. It's one of the maintenance workers (Efren) telling me that Elizabeth the manager needs to talk to me right away. So I get dressed and go down to the office,
and she tells me that the Regional Supervisor Joe Pinson from the Company that manages Glenwood Apartment's, Century Quality Management Inc, at 4221 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 200 Los Angeles, California, 90010,
needs to get a payment from me to close the books.
WHAT-A-LIE…..If I don't pay him that day he will start an eviction notice on me. I gave Elizabeth $400.00 dollars cash that same day. The Cash Payment was approved by Joe Pinson, and , I have made other cash rent payments.
There's A LOT MORE TO THIS ILLEGAL EXTORTION Attempt on me. I have the payment plan that I agreed upon in writing plus my receipt's. I am VERY VERY good at documenting----
VERY GOOD............
So once again an agreement is made with me and I am
Well, here's what is going on with this situation. When I moved in the Glenwood Apartment's back in April of 2000, I had to give a $900.00 dollar deposit plus my
rent ($1500.00 Total). Of course interest builds up and the way I understand it and I am entitled to Interest
on my deposit. The owners name is Sam Menlo.
Sam Menlo and Joe Pinson KNEW I had cancer and a
Bad Heart. They didn't care, they both just wanted
to Illegally steal my money, and LEET ME DIE.
Menlo does own more apartment complexes. Glenwood Apartment's has over 200 units. I would pretty much assume that this CRIMINAL-BACKSTABBING-CONNIVING-CROOK owner Sam Menlo has not paid interest on anyone's deposit Including paying The Internal Revenue Service and The California Franchise Tax Board (Taxes on Interest). Also, I wonder how much of a person's deposit when they move out has Sam Menlo refunded. My guess
is not much. Payroll Taxes??? I would also think NOT.
I even stated that my Deposit could be used as a back-up for my rent. They said NO>>>>>>>They wanted to Illegally steal it…..
SO, More income without any reporting to the Government? LOT's…$$$$$….
In my unit the water is a mess. I don't control the water, the water control's me. The ownership (Menlo) knows this, BUT, here is their problem. To fix the water correctly, ALL the plumbing has to be re-done $$$$$$$$$. So instead of doing plumbing repairs (It's been Mickey Moused several times---Not effective at all),
I have suffered for years with this water problem. Menlo DIDN'T CARE. There have been water leaks all over this apartment complex. I can't get rid of the Cockroach problem. The Cockroaches are in a lot of people's apartment's here. Something is wrong with the electricity wiring (It's a TRAGEDY ready to happen) here at the Glenwood Apartment Complex also. So yesterday
I go in to make a rent payment with cash and Joe Pinson is in the office and says it's company policy not to accept cash. WHAT A LIAR JOE PINSON IS and, he becomes ARROGANT with me And he tells Elizabeth the manager to give me a 3 day
notice to "Pay Rent of QUIT." And this is after I made ANOTHER Payment agreement.
ALSO, Sam Menlo and Joe Pinson and ANYONE else???? I don't do drugs anymore and I haven't for a long time, SO, DO NOT ILLEGALLY "PLANT" drugs in my apartment and say they are mine. ALSO, do not ILLEGALLY "PLANT" Guns or Rifles and say they are mine. I haven't owned a gun or a rifle for a LONG, LONG Time.
Someone(s) was breaking into my apartment and stealing from me. I had to get a Padlock to stop that.
There is A LOT MORE to this Situation, A LOT MORE…..
I really want to know WHY Sam Menlo and Joe Pinson tried give me a Heart Attack and "more," so ULTIMEATLY I would die.

Since November of 2008, People and Agencies in The Federal Government have left me alone.
I left The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case alone after this blog of mine;
anthony pellicano-oj simpson and more.......
Let's both leave EVERYTHING "AS IS."
NO ONE can make me DO ANYTHING or give up any of my paperwork and/or my audio tapes, or ANYTHING.

The Los Angeles Police Department have left me alone since January of 2009. Let's both leave EVERYTHING "AS IS."

The Los Angeles District Attorney's office have left me alone for A LONG TIME (DA Steve Cooley). Let's both leave EVERYTHING
"AS IS."

For the Record, My Home computer crashed on
September 26th, 2007. Here's the body of the Email Earthlink sent to me:

From: Earthlink Customer Service
To: http://us.mc1202.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=mgn3d@earthlink.net
Subject: Confirmation Email
Date: Sep 26, 2007 6:45 AM

Dear Valued Customer,

This is to inform you that as your computer is crashed you can only use your phone
svc and the email from Earthlink.

Customer Service

And check out ALL of the Comment's (Especially the first few)
on the blog I made about Paul Barresi:

Now, check this out. Does someone at The Los Angeles Times know something I don't know?
After 15 years of having the article written by
Bill Boyarsky on me concerning some of The OJ Simpson Case, and in their archives,
The Los Angeles Times puts my article on The Internet:
Find Mario and You've Got a Story - Los Angeles Times
I found it a few days after I did this blog regarding Bill Pavelic:
Who (s) MURDERED Bill Wasz.: The LIAR Bill Pavelic---and More…….

The OJ Simpson Case
The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case
The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case
The Michael Jackson Cases and Saga
The Robert Blake Case

PS, Whoever is threatening me on the telephone?


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What ever happened with your case with Dr. Yip? Where you ever able to get accountability? You know he's on the Medical Board of California now? Would love to hear your story.

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