Who (s) MURDERED Bill Wasz.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The LIAR Bill Pavelic---and More........

The Witness Stand!!!!!!!!!

I have been asked about former OJ Simpson Case Investigator
Bill Pavelic's lies concerning me. Here's just a few of MANY.......

Bill Pavelic left several comment's on Jasper Garrison's Website
Smartfellow's Press.com. In this comment by Mr. Pavelic:

he says this:

"You cited Larry Longo. Mr. Nitrini claimed Larry was his friend."

Larry Longo was a former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney.

What a LIAR Bill Pavelic is.
I am NOT friend's with Larry Longo now,
I have NEVER been a friend of Larry Longo's in the past,
and I will NEVER be a friend with Larry Longo in the future.

Why did Bill Pavelic LIE about this? Hmmmm?.
It's the EXACT OPPOSITE. Everyone, Google my name and
Larry Longo's name and read it for yourselves. GESH.

Mr Pavelic says this in this comment:

"I can tell you with total certainty that I never dealt with Mario Nitrini
in the OJ Simpson or any other case that he claimed he was on"
OH Really???? Good Grief.

And Pavelic says this:

"You will recall that Mr. Nitrini claimed or suggested that Mark Fuhrman,
Anthony Pellicano
and I were (jointly) involved in the murder of Bill Wasz."
Please read this comment again:

I NEVER said that Pellicano, Furhman and Pavelic were
"JOINTLY" (working together)
involved with the murder of Bill Wasz. NEVER.
Another Bill Pavelic Lie.

Bill Pavelic lied about talking to me with this:

"If called to testify, I will state that a person by the name of Mario G. Nitrini
was never on any of the high profile cases, that I was involved with....and....
that I never spoke to or received information whatsoever from a Mr. Nitrini..."

when my friend Brian "Wukong" Murray GOT him to Lie on The
Court TV Message Boards. Mysteriously Enough (Not Really),
the thread that had Brian and Pavelic conversing on,
Ahhhhhh, but not to worry, I got it saved. And Bill Pavelic's Private
message's to Brian? POOF, GONE. Ahhhhhh but there saved also.

Bill Pavelic went Head-to-Head with my friend Sweet Pea (Vicki)
What a Mis-Match.

Some of his claims about me here are Beyond me.
What a CRIMINAL LIAR Bill Pavelic is. Check it out:

I Am on the record that Mark Furhman killed Nicole Simpson and
Ron Goldman? I DON'T THINK SO.

I lied about being on The OJ Simpson Case? Not Quite.

I thought for many years that I was the wild card in The OJ Simpson Case
and Saga. I'm not.. Rocky Bateman is the wild card in The Simpson
Case and Saga.

And here is Bill Pavelic trying to scare me in the comment section
of my friend David N. Scott's website Pererro, where also my
friend LYT (aka Luke Y. Thompson) Blog's:

and check out the last comment

WOW, I'm just too afraid of Bill Pavelic.

I am battling Prostate Cancer, but I am still here, and
I am not dead yet. More about my Prostate Cancer here:
Patterico-Anthony Pellicano-Bill Pavelic-Paul Barresi-More (view more)

There are MANY more lies Bill Pavelic has told.

Report's are that Pavelic says that
The Los Angeles District Attorney's office and
The LAPD RHD has retaliated against him due to
Pavelic's involvement in The OJ Simpson Case
in regard's to The Phil Spector Case.


Phil Spector killed Lana Clarkson. Here's the bottom line:
Phil Spector had a deviant sexual personna about him.
But this time, he had one too many drinks in him and this
time PULLED-THE-TRIGGER. Lana Clarkson wouldn't
go for Spector's sexual request's and paid the
ultimate price.

Two Bottom line's in The OJ Simpson Case Criminal Trial:

1: The LADA and The LAPD got into a dirty war with
Simpson's side, but, OJ Simpson's side started it.
Someday I will tell everyone some incredible
stories about how OJ Simpson's side chased me away,
OVER and OVER and OVER.................AGAIN.

2: OJ Simpson killed Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson,
with help, and my ex-in-law Rocky Bateman got
rid of that Misssing Bag and other stuff for
OJ Simpson.

More on Bill Pavelic near the end of this blog. Wait til
you read........

A Civil Case (case # 08e04632) was brought against me.
I have not felt well
(Lot's of Fatigue and more from the Leuprolide (Lupron) Injection's.)
enough for the past few months to do and file the proper paperwork.
I am sure that Capitol One Bank and
it's Attorney Raymond Patenaude, and myself, can come
to a Viable Working Legal Solution.
Shouldn't be a problem.

Those of you who are still threatening me, remember,
I have Cancer and I have noting to lose by legally
defending myself. And those Telephone Calls? Good Grief.

At this time I will leave The Michael Jackson Case and Saga

OK, Bill Pavelic has said that he never talked to me about
The OJ Simpson Case.
Well, He did, On the Telephone.
The Witness Stand
will be legally GOOD for certain parties...........
................when Bill Pavelic
is testifying.

Question: Now, did anyone ever wonder how
Duane "Dog" POOPY-FACE- Chapman was always a
few steps ahead of The Feds in the search for
Andrew Luster when Luster was a fugitive?
Answer: Bill Pavelic.


Question: Who put the dirty-bug in Andrew Luster's
ear to FLY-THE-COOP (go to Mexico) in the middle
of his Criminal Trial in Ventura County?

Answer: Bill Pavelic

I am a Friend of Larry Longo's?
NO WAY. Good Grief. WHEW. NEVER..........WAS...
Not NOW......AND NEVER WILL BE......

Oh, and google Larry Longo's name with Suge Knight's name
and see what you get.

The OJ Simpson Case
The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case
The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case
The Michael Jackson Cases and Saga
The Robert Blake Case


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