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Thursday, February 23, 2012

In Federal Court--OJ Simpson Case and Saga--Occupy L.A.---More.......

There is now a Motion (Motion-to-dismiss) in Federal Court,
Case # CV 12-0297 DSF (FFMx),
that is to be heard on March 5th, 2012 in Dept. 840 at 1:30 pm before the Honorable Judge
Dale S.Fischer, located at 255 E. Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 that has to do
with the lawsuit that I filed, Case # BC473185, in The Superior Court of California,
County of Los Angeles. Please read more about my filing here:


My Lawsuit Case # BC473185, from what I have been told by more than one person,
had been moved to Federal Court
from State Court for a hearing by a Plaintiff in my lawsuit,


prior to this motion-to-dismiss filed by The City Attorney's office of Los Angeles County
on Febuary 6th, 2012. WTH???????? Also, The Federal Government is in this
Motion with the names of U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte, Leon W. Weidman, and
Sekret T. Sneed and Carmen Trutanich and others from the City Attorney's Office.
Now, according to court document's, there is a motion to dismiss
that was taken from the Calif. State Court
and was moved to Federal Court by The Feds. And that was filed on January 12th, 2012,
and the hearing is to be heard on April 16th 2012. Not sure what to make of this. Somethings
are just NOT RIGHT" here.
Now I know that a Defendant in a Civil Lawsuit can move a case (Civil) from State to Federal Court,


Can ANYONE go into State Court, find a lawsuit, and Move it
to Federal Court? Saying thay are the Plaintiff? What is this???? "NEW LEGAL PRECEDENT"
being established???
or better yet,>>>>"NEW ILLEGAL PRECEDENT" being established.....GOOD GRIEF.

AND, to top it all off, The Honorable Judge Dale S. Fischer was the Judge presiding over
The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case, and I am POSITIVE Judge Fischer
know's all about me because of Cheryl Shuman ( AKA Jane Doe # 8 in the Pellicano Case.)
Hmmmmmm? Quite-a Coincidence? Or maybe something else?????? Hmmmmm?
Please read more about it here:


and here:


and please read from Page 88 to page 98 here in one of Cheryl Shuman's
testimony in a Civil Case referencing Paul Barresi. Ms. Shuman's Testimony was
allowed "BEFORE" The Criminal Trial of Pellicano and his Pellicano's Co-defendant's
because she was supposed to have Terminal Cancer. Please read here:

's a txt file of Shuman's day one - Luke Ford . Net

I would think there is a conflict-of-interest here.
At this time, I am not going to get into exactly "WHY" unless there is another attack
on me by Government people.

What I don't understand is "WHY" The City of Los Angeles City Attorney's Office and
The Federal Government would move my lawsuit to Federal Court? Why not just
file a Motion-to-Dismiss in State Court? UNLESS, there is something going
on with my lawsuit connected to The OJ Simpson Case and Saga and MORE........

As I stated on a blog of mine here:


"During the day on November 28th, 2011 I had a brief chance meeting with
Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck. We both agreed on a truce with
me and The LAPD and others,"

I have kept my side of the agreement. I am not so sure about LAPD Chief Charlie Beck's
side keeping the agreement. Michael R. Amerian of The City Attorney's
Office here in Los Angeles made a Declaration in this Motion-to-Dismiss with no
mention of The OJ Simpson Case and Saga in his Declaration, although he does reference
my blog. In the Memorandum of Points and Authorities, Mr. Amerian mentions Occupy L.A.
and the protestors and the RAID Occupy LA November 30th, 2011, and much more.....

In the Declaration of Mr. Amerian, he fails to inform Judge Fischer that I have Cancer
and Mr. Amerian leaving me a voice mail message indicating in his message how sorry he is
about my Cancer. I was feeling sick the evening of Febuary 2nd 2012,
and indeed in the morning of Febuary 3rd, 2012, I had to go to St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica
to get a Catheter put in me because I couldn't pee, and this is not the first time
I have had to have a Catheter put in me because of my Prostate Cancer. I would
certainly hope that Michael R. Amerian would apologize to me. I hope he wasn't
intentionally mis-leading The Honorable Judge Dale S. Fischer about me in court papers.

The Man who was impersonating me regarding "MY" lawsuit, this
Chris "CR" Legal person ( AKA Chris Rosier Tillman Sr) Check out the comment's here:
from Cheryl Aichele ( AKA Herbalicious )


has been getting help from a man named Dennis Ettlin and and a man Robert J. Henzler
according to court document's. Also I have been told that
Attorney Peter Thottam (Occupy the Rose Parade Organizer) and Attorney
Carol A. Sobel have assisted this Cr Legal person>>>>>or whatever his name is.

Interestingly enough, in court document's this Chris CR" Legal person states he is
a Plaintiff in my lawsuit Case # BC473185. GOOD GRIEF. Then how come if
Chris "CR" Legal is Plaintiff in my lawsuit, why was he impersonating me in the TRO
and also saying he wasm "MARIO" trying to get ex-parte hearing's, this according to City Attorney Valerie Flores.
in Court Document's>>>>>>> BIZZARE>>>>>>>.........
...........AGAIN, This is in Court Document's. Somethings REALLY STINK here...................

Back to Michael R. Amerian's Declaration. This is from Mr Amerian's Declaration:

"He also referred me to read his blog entry http://nitrini.blogspot.com/, for more
information regarding C.R. Legal's and Dennis Ettlin's attempts to essentially
piggy-back on the lawsuit Mr. Nitrini had filed by filing various documents bearing the relevant
state and federal case numbers without Mr. Nitrini's consent.">>>>

>>>So what I am understanding from this statement by Mr Amerian, is that C.R. Legal and Dennis Ettlin
have filed documents in FEDERAL COURT WITHOUT MY CONSENT OR ME BEING THERE. How could this
Possibly happen and EVEN GET THROUGH THE FEDERAL COURT SYSTEM???? Hmmmmm ?????? >>>> So this confirms it >>>>
>>>>>Papers were filed on MY Lawsuit without
my consent or me even being a part of it>>>UNREAL...........

I am very UNEASY about what's going on regarding my lawsuit
Case # BC473185 Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles,
and this hearing coming
up on March 5th 2012 in Federal Court. Somethings just are not on the UP-and-UP......

And Mr. Amerian, my:
"desire to keep the case "in neutral"
is for my protection........I can get into this later if you like.
I am in the process of getting Cancer Treatment. At this time, I will still keep this in a
NEUTRAL STATE. And I will State this again:

""""""""During the day on November 28th, 2011 I had a brief chance meeting with
Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck.
We both agreed on a truce with me and The LAPD and others, based on a
Legally depending situation......
It was a positive meeting.
At this time, I am in a Neutral state (LEGALLY DEPENDING) regarding this statement I made:

"Me, Mario George Nitrini 111 being the Plaintiff,
filed a BIG-TIME lawsuit the other day, Case # BC473185, suing The City of Los Angeles,
The Los Angeles Police Department, and MORE………pertaining to My personal
involvement in The O.J. Simpson Case and Saga, the movement I am involved in—–
Occupy Los Angeles— and MORE………
In one of my statements, I state that Los Angeles Police Department:
“Chief Charlie Beck knows knows plaintiff has knowledge of Chief Becks criminal corruption
dealing with the real killers(s) of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, being members
of his police force. See exhibits C and “D” attached hereto and incorporated herein.
Additionally, plaintiff request judicial notice of The OJ Simpson Case and Saga.”
Ex-LAPD Police Department Detective Mark Fuhrman is THE KILLER
of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. In my opinion he had help
murdering these two people.
NOW, I ( Mario Nitrini ) filed several of my Legal Documents pertaining to my personal
Involvement in The O.J. Simpson Case and Saga and entered them in this Lawsuit as
Exhibits B and C with other exhibits from A to F2. Please NO ONE try and illegally
cover-up or “FORGET” to enter ALL of my lawsuit in the record.
In whatever legal form, these people will be called to give a deposition:
Cheryl Shuman – Denise Brown – Mark Fuhrman – Bill Pavelic – Gloria Allred – Diane Dimond –
Harvey Levin – Dr. Felix Yip – LAPD Captain Jeri Weinstein – Paul Barresi –Marcia Clark –
LAPD Detective Bob Parsons – Stephanie Medina – Eric Garcetti – Dana Garcetti –
LAPD Commander Michael Morairty – William Bratton ex-Police Chief of the LAPD –
Councilman Bernard Parks – LAPD Segeant Kim – Jeffrey Eglash former inspector
General of the los Angeles Police Commision
–Ronald Y. Ito ( aka Ron Ito) Retired–LAPD RHD Detective who was involved
in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga and that I gave information to
which NOW I Know would have led to OJ Simpson’s innocence.
I want to see Detective Ito LIE his way out of this one. HE CAN’T……
Kim Goldman Hahn –Tom Lange -LAPD SGT. Guiterrez—LAPD Officer J.H. Hart
Gil Garcetti.
GIL GARCETTI is a Criminal and Illegal, Corrupt, No-Good Person. He and his staff
of criminalhoodlums made several agreements with me both IN-WRITING and VERBALLY.
They broke several of them, did not honor others, and have tried to sabotage me and take
me out any way they could.

Legally Gil Garcetti and his staff (Present and Past) will honor the agreement’s
that were made with me…….....

Lisa Bloom –
Richard C. Wemmer Retired –LAPD Captain Commanding Officer West
Los Angeles Community Police Station. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck
Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley
United States Attorney Andre Birotte and Former Inspector General
for The Los Angeles Police Commission
ALL 3 of you knew I had my Civil Right’s Violated several times and
ALL 3 of you Illegally and Criminally
covered that fact up. WHY? I legally want some answers. And most likely there will be
more people called to give a depostion,
AND it could lead to Criminal Prosecution for some of these people and MORE…………
Let’s see ALL of YOU people LIE and ILLEGALLY Cover-up your way out of this one."

Just so EVERYONE knows, I have saved certain telephone messages and
Audio Tapes and have safely put away LOT'S of

Legal Documents in several places. There will be NO MORE COVER-UP involving me,
Mario George Nitrini 111 ANYMORE........"""""""""""

In the documents filed by The Federal Government, ALL of my Lawsuit papers were filed. So
Andre Birotte "KNOWS" that my Civil Rights have been violated several times due to
my personal involvement in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga, and MORE...... At this
time I will leave it in a Neutral State (LEGALLY DEPENDING).............

And, MANY People in State Government (California Government)
Know that my Civil Rights have been violated...................I will also
leave this in a Neutral State at this time (LEGALLY DEPENDING)....................
The OJ Simpson Case
The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case
The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case
The Michael Jackson Cases and Saga
The Robert Blake Case


Blogger brotherap said...

I am not surprised about the conduct you received in the state Superior Court in Los Angeles County, California. It is treated like the nobility's fiefdom with common citizens having very little if any right to transparency. That occurred with motions our investigative group, OMIG, filed in state court after the Fed. Court sent us back to have the Juditha Brown Telephone records put back into the Simpson case file. Judge Larry Fiedler virtually held the proceeding in camera with all attorneys for approx. one hour while 50+ people waited in the gallery and then has sealed those in camera proceedings of June 12, 2000. Our attorney had lost all color in his complexion when he emerged from the room and we insisted that he publicly challenge the judge to allow the motion to be heard in public since FOX News Channel and other journalists were there from the networks. Judge fiedler would ultimately seal the in chamber proceedings. This involved records never presented to either jury where CALTRans highway data indicates traffic speeds below 29 MPH across all lanes for 8 miles. We now know that it was no way for the Browns to arrive home to make a 9:37PM phone call leaving Brentwood at 8:45PM. We now believe, based upon the highway data, that the Browns made that call as they initially said at approx. 11PM when OJ was enroot to LAX to catch an 11:45 PM flight to CHI.

11:24 PM  

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